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Silk Heavy Fabric And Use Introduction.
- May 23, 2018 -

[abstract] finally, this breed has been introduced from real silk crepe satin, and it is indeed a long time. Strictly speaking, heavy silk is not a kind of fabric, but a kind, which kind? It is a kind of fabric that is related to fabric weight.

In a word, as long as mmi is greater than 19 mmi silk fabrics, it is called a heavy real silk. In terms of conversion, the silk material, which is important in 82g/m2, is a heavy real silk. On taobao, some merchants selling pure silk garments have only 70g/m2 of clothes in their clothes. In the details page, they say "for the quality assurance, we choose the heavy real silk!" "It was almost a lie.

The appearance of heavy real silk is the result of people's pursuit of high quality life, and the growth of heavy silk sales also reflects the improvement of people's overall living standard from the side. To think of it, if returned to the state just liberation period, when the ordinary people's first task is to fill the stomach, my family and I want to do everything you can to survive, let alone the heavy silk, is the silk fabrics, the average person doesn't have a chance to see the rest of my life, more don't ramble on.

At present, the common heavy silk is 23/25/28/30 mmi, and there are 40 mmeters in the market. The clothes of this specification must be very valuable. The intake was generally 114/140cm. One reason is that the cost is too high. The other reason is that the risk is too high. Any small problem in the weaving process will make the whole fabric become waste. Therefore, the price of pure silk fabrics can be calculated according to the thickness ratio, which is not true for heavy silk. The thicker, the bigger the price.

The most common type of heavy silk is genuine silk crepe satin and silk crepe. Besides the characteristics of ordinary silk fabrics, it has the characteristics of almost no shrinkage, crisp and easy finishing. The quality of heavy silk fabrics is higher than ordinary pure silk fabrics, and the daily use is not easy to scratch, which is unmatched by ordinary silk fabrics.

Such g major in 82 g/m2 of real silk fabrics is not only the production of autumn winter jacket, dust coat, ideal lady suit fabrics, or summer men's casual wear, trousers, and women dress fashion fabrics, because the cost is there, made of heavy silk fabrics clothes belong to high-end grade of clothing, clothing to wear in the body appear high-end atmosphere, after heavy showily.

If you customize or buy heavy silk garments, be sure to keep them properly. It's not just a question of how much money you have, but the fact that you can get such a piece of clothing on your body, which is a blessing. From sericulture to knot to produce silk cocoon, cocoon silk reeling from to yarn to cloth, from version to cutting to sewing to packing, finally delivered to your hands, this dress is perhaps the epitome of too many too many people sweat and wisdom. So, I hope you treat this hard-won heavy silk clothes, use at ordinary times note don't hang don't hang up, if not carefully stained, or to the cleaner's, to professional personage to deal with worry and effort, if you don't need to dress up, don't hang in the closet, and gently folded on clothes pile top, wardrobe, camphorwood article or volatile must not be put camphor ball cosmetics, such as nail polish!

To do this is to be able to "live without it".

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