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Spandex Fabric
- May 22, 2018 -

Spandex is polyurethane fiber. Because it has excellent elasticity, it is also known as elastic fiber, which has been used in a large number of applications on apparel fabrics. The main features of spandex fabrics are:

(1) Spandex elasticity is very high, general products do not use 100% of polyurethane, more mixed in the fabric 5 to 30% of the ratio, the resulting spandex fabrics have 15% to 45% of the comfort elasticity.

(2) Spandex fabrics are often made of composite yarns, that is, spandex is used as the core, and other fibers (such as nylon, polyester, etc.) are used as the core to make the core-spun yarn elastic fabrics, which have good adaptability to the body and are very suitable for tights. No pressure.

(3) The appearance and style of the spandex stretch fabric is similar to that of the similar products of the outer fiber fabrics covered.

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