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Spandex Features
- May 18, 2018 -

Spandex can be used for garments that require stretch to meet the comfort requirements. Such as:

Professional Sportswear, Workouts & Workouts Wetsuits Swim Suits Swimwear Competition Swimwear Basketball Wear Bras & Slings Skiing Trousers Disco Jeans Casual Pants Socks Leggings Diapers Tights Belts Underwear Onesies Spandex Apparel Male Ballet Dancer Strap Surgery Surgical protective clothing Logistics troops Protective clothing Riding bicycles Short-sleeved wrestling vests Rowing suits Underwear Performing garments Qualitative clothing, such as: brassiere furniture, such as: microbead pillows

Spandex is used in a smaller proportion of general clothing. In North America, it is rarely used on men's clothes and more on women's clothes. Because women's clothes are required to be more close. In use, other fibers such as cotton and polyester blends are added in a large amount to minimize gloss.