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Tape On The Pattern
- Sep 22, 2017 -

Twill: stands for bravery

Box: on behalf of enthusiasm

Floral: Representative

Vertical line: on behalf of comfort

Horizontal line: stands for smooth

Wavy lines: on behalf of lively, jumping

Round: full of mature

The same type of pattern do not match together, the grid pattern suit do not go with a plaid shirt and tie;

Dark lattice pattern suit to match plain or stripes, pattern shirts and tie, so very coordinated;

Lattice pattern shirt with twill tie, straight striped shirt to match the pattern of the tie, although this is a straight line, but there will be a change in the direction of the lines will not look dull monotonous;

To remember that if the shirt is a dark lattice pattern, with a pattern of tie, because the dark lattice here can be treated as plain colors;

Pattern is printed or flower-shaped tie, it is best with a plain shirt, if it is with a grid or line of the shirt, always gives a dazzling feeling.