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The History Of Shawl
- May 23, 2018 -

On the older shawl of the Naxi people, a five-inch disc with a diameter of about five inches was symmetric on the upper part of the sheepskin neck. Various patterns were embroidered on the disc with colored silk threads. In the lower part of the sheepskin neck, it is decorated with seven sets of small disc ornaments with a diameter of about three inches still embroidered with colored patterns. Each small disc has its center suspended from two sides and three knives, and has a total of fourteen suede threads. The yoke collapses, that is, sheepskin whiskers.

Now there are two larger discs on the parchment of the Naxi people's shawls, which represent the sun and the moon. Seven smaller discs represent the seven stars, symbolizing that Naxi women shoulder the sun and moon and carry the stars. To extol the virtues of the hardworking work of Naxi women, the fourteen suede threads hanging from the center of seven small discs represent the splendid rays emitted by the stars of the sun and the moon, bringing light and warmth to the world.

It is said that there were nine suns in the sky in ancient times, and the earth was burning. It was only during the day, and there was no night. The dry magic wreaked havoc and the people did not live. A Naxi girl named Yinggu is determined to relieve people of drought. Her fiery heart touched the three princes. Together they fought against the arid devil, and unfortunately lost their lives. At this time, more than three gods in the Beiyue sent Xuelong to help out and swallowed eight suns, subduing the devil. The world then bid farewell to the hot, there is rain, then the snow dragon spit out a cold sun, into the moon, the other seven stars into the shawl of the ancient girl. This is the origin of the Naxi shawl