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The Main Varieties Of Hangzhou Silk
- Jun 01, 2018 -

Varieties of profile

Silk was woven into the history of hangzhou and even zhejiang provinces. In the spring and autumn period, goujian, the king of yue, took the policy of "rewarding the farmers with mulberry" as the policy of rich countries. During the wuguo period of the five dynasties, "cultivating silkworms in seclusion"; In the Ming dynasty, the hangjiahu land became known as the "silk house". In the qing dynasty, hangzhou began to talk about the voice of qi hu. As early as the han dynasty, hangzhou silk was sold abroad through the world-famous silk road. Modern has developed to silk, satin, ghatpot, luo, jin, textile, velvet, silk and other ten kinds of varieties.

Living tapestry

Brocade refers to the silk fabric with decorative patterns. The finished product is rich, rich, colorful and has distinctive national characteristics. Bai juyi, a great poet of the tang dynasty, praised it as the "celestial weaving". Kam raw silk factory, was founded in 1922, is one of the country's largest brocade factories, products are colorful silk, colorful brocade scenery, Chinese painting as early as in 1926 the Philadelphia international exposition, and won the gold medal. Today, there are more than one thousand kinds of flowers and colors. The scenery of west lake and guilin can be woven into the picture.

Heaven silk

"Silk is a product of heaven", the combination of art and fashion paradise story, main products: silk quilt, silk scarves, leisurewear, home textile, modern marketing, team, to set up the new image of the brand new hangzhou hangzhou silk.

Silk by heaven story contains 18 kinds of natural amino acid, has the green silk oxygen high-end technology, pay attention to the processing of detail, using 100% pure mulberry silk, fine flexibility and long, made of finished product feels comfortable. Paradise story is also the first brand in China that only focuses on 100% silkworm silk. It has been awarded the title of top ten silk brands by George rooney, a small flying man with high-end technology.

Silk umbrella

Hangzhou's traditional handicrafts were founded in 1932. Bamboo as the bone, silk as the face of a beautiful shape and gorgeous color. The umbrella bone chooses fuyang bamboo, this kind of bamboo branch is long and slender, thin and light with even skin. The surface of the umbrella is covered with special hangsilken, which is thin, soft, ventilated and sunproof. It's extremely elaborate. There are 22 colors of the umbrella, such as red, yellow, blue and green. The patterns are made by different methods, such as painting, painting, embroidery and painting embroidery. When it opens, it looks like a flower in full bloom. When closed, it grows 53 centimeters long and weighs 250 grams.

Arts and crafts

Silk brocade

Silk brocade

Since the beginning of the last century, hangzhou dujinsheng silk factory has developed into an industrial production of silk products. Hangzhou silk is no longer merely a raw material for clothing and curtains. There are many kinds of handicrafts and home textile products derived from silk, and they are also popular in domestic and foreign markets.

1. Silk painting: silk painting is a combination product of modern high temperature printing and dyeing technology and hangzhou silk. As is known to all, is widely used in the paper, a lot of calligraphy and painting is done on the silk cloth, who is silk scroll of painting and calligraphy works, such as the qingming festival on the painting ", "ZanHua had", etc. Silk paintings were developed to capture such a historical feature. Because there are more prominent advantages in materials and mounting technology than paper painting and calligraphy, it is also one of the most popular products in the market.

2. Silk brocade: brocade is the first silk handicraft produced by hangzhou dujinsheng in China. It adopts horizontal and vertical jacquard pattern to weave painting cases and art works on canvas. Brocade, as a privilege enjoyed by the ancient emperors and nobles, has now entered the homes of ordinary people.

3. Silk quilt: hangzhou silk is generally made of mulberry silk, so hangzhou silk is made of mulberry silk. Compared with the northern tussah silkworm quilt, the quality and color of mulberry silkworm are more delicate. Natural silk contains special "SERJCIN" SERJCIN, which has anti-allergy, skin-friendly and other protective effects. Long-term use of silk quilt can promote human health.