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Warp Knitting
- May 30, 2018 -

Source: Warp This name comes from weaving. The difference between warp knitting and weft knitting is that the stitches formed by it are arranged in the vertical direction or the warp direction, and are formed by nesting adjacent yarns. The warp knitting machine looks somewhat like a loom. All the yarns are wound on the warp beam. The warp beam is located behind and above the weaving area. All the yarns are fed into the weaving area at the same time. During the nesting process, each yarn is controlled by a separate needle. However, the guide bar controls the position of the yarn, and the needle used for each cycle may change. The jacquard mechanism can be used to implement the control of the needle to produce a pattern-like complicated warp knit fabric. In view of the characteristics of the process used by the warp knitting machine, the position of the yarn supply device, and the mutual nesting between the parallel yarns, it is sometimes referred to as a warp knitting machine.

Fundamentally speaking, warp knitting is a processing system for producing flat fabrics. The fabric has straight sides, high production speed, and high output. Warp knitwear can be classified according to the characteristics of the equipment and fabrics used. The main types are: Trikit, Raschel, Milanese and Simplex, and the most common are Trikoto and Raschel.