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We Won The Best Operatin Award
- Sep 26, 2018 -

We Won The Best Operatin Award

We have a good news today. We just won the award for best operating website in Hangzhou.


YES. We are the fourth company.


The economic forum is hold by Hangzhou govement, with the purpose for promotion of international trade. Every year our company will take part in this forum to learn something and promote our service quality for customers. 


Operation website is a long-term work, just as the custom silk scarf service we are always devote to.

We are young company full of passionate staffs, but we have so much experience in making custom silk scarf that we are often appreciated by our customers. Now our product catalog includes custom silk scarf, custom silk ties, custom silk twilly, custom silk eye mask, custom silk pillowcase cover, custom silk sleepwear and other natural fabric scarf like wool scarf, etc.

We are fast developed comany and promoting custom service continously is always the most important thing for us. We sincerely welcome you to be one of our valued customers.  

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