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Winter Scarves
- Sep 25, 2017 -

Scarf, a common accessories. It can keep warm and warm, can also be used as a beautiful decoration.

In college, girls always love wearing a scarf out, in addition to beautiful, it can also help us to resist the winter in the cold, even if there is no one can rely on the shoulder, with a scarf, there are always some warm The consolation.

As for the boys, tall body seems to care about the cold wind, wide shoulders enough to resist the snow attack, when the emergence of scarves is slightly more than a surplus of it? The answer is of course negative, because the boys neck scarf is their girlfriend personally woven, this is not just a scarf, it is a love of the medal, as if the whole winter because of this scarf and become warm The

Zhang Xiaoxian once wrote an article about the scarf, which has such a sentence is: "Men's winter clothes, each looks cool, only the exception of the necklace.It allows the man to walk in the cold It 's not so lonely.

Indeed, the winter scarf to the door to the people who added a lot of warmth, this warmth is not just confined to the body.